[Riverviews Artspace Gallery: June 2nd, 3rd, 4th]

What is this?

Lynchburg Innovation Week is a 3-day series of events designed to highlight our business community, inspire citizens to take an active role in growing our City, and connect Lynchburg's entrepreneurs and startups with our accomplished and long standing business leaders. 

Lynchburg Innovation Week will feature a variety of activities that provide opportunities to learn, network, and celebrate the progressive economic development happening in the City of Lynchburg.

Why is this happening?

The true purpose of Lynchburg Innovation Week is to engage citizens in economic development by bringing together art, culture, and business and providing a platform to creatively solve community problems. 

Who will be there?

The full Lynchburg Innovation Week schedule is posted here:  LYNCHBURG INNOVATION WEEK SCHEDULE 

Each day will feature one keynote speaker or event. You can expect to hear live music, be inspired by special guests, and leave excited about the work happening in your City. 

Here's a preview of the free, ongoing events that will happen in and around the Riverviews Gallery during Lynchburg Innovation Week:

  • Local Food Trucks (free for attendees!)
  • Custom Coffee Bar
  • Lounge Space curated by Moore and Giles
  • Launched in Lynchburg Video Booth 




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